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My Story


Hello, my name is Alexandra Loron.


I was born and raised in France, and have now been living in Florida for the past few years. So how did I come to create Boss Lady Central, you may be wondering?


Well, from a very young age I knew I loved to create beautiful things, I always

had an eye for aesthetic. I attended a prestigious Art School in Paris where

I learnt many different Art forms. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to

work in a creative field, I just did not know what exactly.


Back in 2014 I took a leap of faith and decided to start my own Handmade Jewelry business. I did not have the means to hire a Marketing company so I had to figure it all out by myself. From creating my website, my logo, writing content and capturing quality photos to promote my business.


Having some artistic background was a huge help but I still spent hours and hours figuring out how to set everything up. Little did I know I was slowly but surely getting good at this. Fast forward to now, I have been helping friends and clients grow their business with my skills and I love it!


I believe it is more important when starting a business or growing an existing one to put the focus its growth. As opposed to spending weeks and months trying to figure out how to make your logo and website yourself.

I can save you the trouble, since I already went through it, let me help you set it all up at an affordable price, while you put the focus on the right places.

I would love to meet you, contact me and let's work together!



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